About Us

DodgeHub, the home of Everything Dodgeball was incorporated on the 9th January 2014. It’s founders: Alex Harrison, Brett Koenig, Chris Harper and Simon Jones created the company with the hope of accelerating dodgeballs exposure to the world!

In September 2014, DodgeMag was released for sale, the worlds first Dodgeball magazine! The 45 page, quarterly magazine touched on relevant dodgeball news from around the globe. After the success of the magazine, and the clear need for a driving force, DodgeHub set out to be the brand for dodgeballers by dodgeballers.

DodgeHub now boasts a staff force packing nearly 65 combined years of dodgeball knowledge, all ready and waiting to tell you about the sport we love. We are very proud to have served dodgeballers from all around the world with equipment, knowledge and support to watch our fast growing sport break records.

As of September 2017, DodgeHub is the supplier to British Dodgeball, the UK’s governing body of Dodgeball. With this partnership, we ensure our equipment is kept to the highest specifications and British Dodgeball regulations. When purchasing DodgeHub equipment, we provide our customers with all the up to date knowledge of the sport also.

DodgeHub’s success is down to its unstoppable passion to turn dodgeball in to an Olympic sport. We love working with enthusiastic, driven dodgeballers. Drop us an email to find out how you join in on this journey through sport. Contact@dodgehub.com

We hope you enjoy our website and feel free to contact us regarding EVERYTHING DODGEBALL.